Athletic Clinics


Whether your goal is to lose body fat, build muscle or become stronger or faster your focus should always be on one thing: improving your overall athletic performance.

Athletes train in the weight room and on the field to enhance their talent and skill. Being the best lifter doesn’t necessarily make them a gold medalist however, it increases their athletic potential which enhances skill acquisition. And while maintaining a certain aesthetic look isn’t an athletes top priority, it’s often a nice by-product of training with a purpose.

We train for overall fitness, not just the appearance of fitness – and while we don’t believe in 8 week challenges for longevity of health, we do believe in targeting specific facets of fitness throughout the year to improve your overall performance. To read about upcoming clinics you should jump over to the blog or to read about some of our previous clinics, scroll through the articles to the right.

Coaching Principles
Coaching Principles

Applying exercise science and evidence-based practices in clinical, healthy and sporting populations. Last year we…