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Keeping a regular fitness routine while working in the air can be challenging, but not impossible. Your training plan needs to be as flexible as your roster – especially when you’re on standby. That’s why we created FLYFIT – now you can lose body fat, gain lean muscle and improve your strength and fitness no matter where your roster takes you.

How FLYFIT works

We provide programs to suit your goals and experience level that can be easily adapted and implemented whether you are in your fully equipped gym at home or your hotel gym anywhere in the world.

You get to choose the program that suits you which includes strength sessions, conditioning sessions and mobility drills to help you maximize your time spent working out. We offer two options to suit your level;

Beginner: If you’re new to the iron game (less than 12 months of consistent strength and conditioning experience) consider yourself a beginner. In addition, it’s a good idea to follow the beginner plan if you’ve been away from the gym for two or more months. Contrary to popular belief, for the beginner, less is more. You will make steady progress with just two sessions each week.

Intermediate/Advanced: If you have been involved in organised strength training and conditioning exercise for the previous year or more, you’re in the Intermediate/Advanced category.

The programs are viewable on your smartphone from our members-only website and best of all, you can track your progress.

By signing up you will receive the following:

[cro_halves_layoutstart] [cro_callout text=”Periodised strength programming for 2-3 sessions per week” layout=”1″ color=”#3A3A3A”] [cro_callout text=”Mobility programs specific to your training goals and options to target any problem areas” layout=”1″ color=”1″] [cro_callout text=”Recommendations for conditioning sessions – pick and choose your favorites” layout=”1″ color=”#3A3A3A”] [cro_halves_layoutmid] [cro_callout text=”Adapted strength programming to complement your program when you don’t have access to a gym” layout=”1″ color=”1″] [cro_callout text=”Instructional videos and coaching cues to ensure that your form is on point” layout=”1″ color=”#3A3A3A”] [cro_callout text=”Access the programs from anywhere in the world with your smartphone” layout=”1″ color=”1″] [cro_layoutend] [cro_halves_layoutstart]

Program Example

[cro_accordionstart] [cro_accordionitem title=”Strength Program / Fully Equipped Gym” item=”active” ]This program is based around increasing your strength, meaning high intensities (weights) low reps. If you are new to training this program isn’t for you just yet. This is for the intermediate or advanced trainer in the weights room. Perform these 3 sessions with 48 hours between each program to maximise recovery, for example Do Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

[/cro_accordionitem][cro_accordionitem title=”Hotel Program / No Equipment” item=”” ]These programs are to be performed in a circuit fashion. This means you perform one exercise after another with minimal to no rest between exercises. The exercises will be labelled A1-A2-A3 which means that each exercise with the same letter and different number next to it directly correlates to the next exercise to be performed (circuit). The exercises will be once you get to the end of the circuit depending on level of fitness either start circuit again without rest or take a 30-60sec rest at end of circuit. Never continue to exercise if your form is compromised. Rest until form is competent and safe.

[/cro_accordionitem][cro_accordionitem title=”Hotel Program / Partially Equipped Gym” item=”” ]This program is built around the assumption that there is dumbbells and some equipment. Some programs are based in circuit fashion for a quick smash and dash workout similar to the body-weight programs with others more based around the usual layout of a program based around normal supersets and exercises. If the facility has only light to moderate dumbbells that won’t illicit a decent response to your strength levels then perform the circuit sessions. If the facility has an extensive amount of dumbbells that will challenge your strength capacity then do the programs that aren’t circuit orientated.

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Keen to get started?

So are we. All you need is a place to train. Use the sign up link below or if you’ve got any questions get in touch.

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Questions? Get in touch.