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February 2020 Best on Ground

Meet Sara known by some of her training partners as the “coaches favourite” (not naming anyone) given the extra TLC she receives from the coaches. Once being unsure about strength training and the weight room Sara has come full circle and is now all about that lifting life. She brings a positive energy and attitude…

April 2019 Best on Ground

Hayden Whyte is our Best on Ground for April. Hayden is one of our LTAD athletes and has progressed tremendously through every new program which is attributed to his management of several training commitments – gym and field training, and football matches. He is now performing complex lifts with ease and getting stronger every week….

March 2019 Best on Ground

Ian Gould aka the Human Hydrolic is our Best on Ground for March. Ian rides 10-15km to the gym every morning and trains for 2-3 hours. He has been one of our most consistent members since our inception back in 2015. We still can’t actually believe that Ian is in his 60’s and yet is…