Another F..KING 8 Week Challenge

A challenge. You heard it. Hammer Athletic will be holding an 8-week challenge in July. We won’t be rolling out a generic 8-week ‘beach/bikini/mankini/thigh gap/man-V’ challenge with bullshit eating plans and meaningless exercises regimes making up the content but instead leveraging our knowledge of training methods we know that work to get you as strong and lean as possible. As has always been the case, we believe CONSISTENCY ACHIEVES RESULTS and that you don’t just drop the ball and stop giving a shit about your nutrition and training after 8 weeks. The ‘challenge’ aspect makes you more accountable to not only yourself but to others in the program which creates a team environment.

In this challenge, the resistance program is specifically designed to train concurrently with an added conditioning aspect. This means that exercises, reps, sets and intensities are directly formulated to accentuate your conditioning, not hamper it; this means training smarter in the weights room, not necessarily harder. Make no mistake; the conditioning aspect of the clinic is the major component. This will be a combination of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, implemented each week which will torment your mental capacity. These two components, properly periodised throughout the clinic will reap huge results.


The F..KING Challenge will kick off on Friday the 5th of July. On this day we will hold a seminar explaining everything that is required during the 8 week challenge. As part of your program you will receive:

  • In-body scan (pre- & post- challenge)
  • Fitness test (pre- and post- for both on-feet and off-feet)
  • Booklet with recipes, weekly plan, checklist, workouts, recording sheet
  • 3 semi-private strength sessions (group strength)
  • 1 group conditioning session (Friday night)
  • Unlimited access Gym Membership
  • Fortnightly workshop with a dietician and Matt (double recording)

Cost = $135 a week

The Winner of the challenge will be judged by all coaches and they will receive a FREE 6-month class and open gym membership.

Are you in?

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